Can Lysol Kill Bed Bugs

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Can Lysol Kill Bed Bugs

Posted by Brasier Adreanna on Monday, 11 November, 2019 04:57:16

Getting rid of bed bugs, the quick, easy & cheap way! There are many inexpensive substances that will kill bed bugs on contact. One of the cheapest is 91% isopropyl alcohol. There are also many mechanical means of removing bugs like vacuuming them up and them drowning (or smashing if you prefer that method) them.

The simple answer is "No." General cleaning products such as Lysol will have no effect on bed bugs whatsoever. Companies make chemical treatments for people to use at home, but according to the EPA, over-the-counter products for the treatment of bed bugs can be ineffective.

Lysol contains a high percentage of ethanol (80%) that'll kill bed bugs simply on contact. But there is a small problem. The Lysol solution needs to be sprayed directly on the bed bugs to effectively kill the bugs. Spraying Lysol on the area you think the bed bugs will frequent, like refrigerators, attic, and mattress covers, may not work efficiently.

Before we get into Lysol as a bed bug killer, let's first take a look at what people normally use. The main eliminators of bed bugs are pesticides and heat (think steamers ). Heat is one of the most effective treatments against these pests because they cannot develop a resistance to it.

Honestly any household chemical will kill any insect because it is a chemical but it will likely make the problem worse as household chemicals, unlike pesticides, are detected by insects and they will either avoid the area or reproduce more due to

However I do have some silly stories about what my husband does to kill ants when I'm not there to tell him there are actually BETTER things that are labeled for that use. So, yes there are many silly things you can try, but i just keep insecticidal soap around- it kills everything it hits- just not fast-and they will always die.