Bed Bug Heat Treatment Faq

Do I have bed bugs? FAQ & Signs of bed bugs

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Faq

Posted by Brossette Ambre on Friday, 1 November, 2019 20:58:28

Use ThermaPure Heat treatment to naturally kill bed bugs, dust mites and termites. Therma Pure is a highly-effective and natural pest control and mold remediation service.

FAQ'S: Bed Bug Removal Using Heat Treatment Common Questions about Heat Treatment and Bed Bug Removal If you live in the Richmond VA area and need help removing bed bugs from your home or business below are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

What makes a heat treatment effective? Bed bugs are naturally attracted to heat because it indicates the presence of a food source—humans. As we begin to heat your home, bed bugs will come out of hiding in search of a blood meal. By the time they realize that it is too hot, the bed bugs are too weak to try to escape.

Cowboy Pest Management in Stillwater, Oklahoma, has over 30 years of pest control experience and has completed over 500 successful bed bug heat treatments, eliminating bed bugs from a variety of residential and commercial properties. Our company provides services for universities, housing authorities, lodges, hotels, apartment complexes, mobile homes, and large houses

A good bed bug heater is one which meets the necessary temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit and can eliminate bed bugs. Besides these two requirements, it's also important to find a heater that can fit your possessions and won't tax the electrical system of your home.

Bed bug treatment cost. Some mistakenly claim that heat treatment is less affordable than using chemicals. The truth is that once all the hidden costs of a chemical treatment have been added up, the average heat treatment costs will often be lower. Keep in mind that treatment cost savings are more than a dollar figure.